The power of face-to-face conferences in a digital age | All media content | DW | 17.07.2017
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Global Media Forum

The power of face-to-face conferences in a digital age

hosted by Deutsche Welle

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Every digital thing is trendy. In the digital age the idea of face-to-face meetings and conferences seems almost old-fashioned. Expectations and shapes of conferences are changing and digital connected teams and virtual meetings are quickly becoming the norm these days. Skype, FaceTime, various social media tools and other communication channels make it easier than ever to communicate, no matter where you are. The panel discusses what the conference of the future will look like. Furthermore, what is at the core of a successful conference: context or content? Can conference formats only survive when they are digital or is the need for physical gathering places irreplaceable and even more valuable?



Patrick Leusch - Managing Director Global Media Forum, CEO, DW-Media Services GmbH, Germany


Benedikt Franke - Chief Operating Officer, Munich Security Conference, Germany

Georg Schmitt - Associate Director, World Economic Forum, Switzerland

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