The Migration Dilemma: DW launches multimedia project for West Africa | Press Releases | DW | 15.11.2016
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Press Releases

The Migration Dilemma: DW launches multimedia project for West Africa

DW’s new multimedia project 'The Migration Dilemma' traces the dangerous journey to Europe undertaken by West African refugees.

DW reporters and correspondents look into the social consequences of this exodus on the families and communities that have been left behind, and discuss alternatives to fleeing with African youth and decision makers.

Members of DW's French, Hausa and English editorial teams are currently traveling around Germany, Italy, Mali, Niger, Senegal and The Gambia. On the road, they are talking to refugees in European reception camps, people who have willingly returned home and relatives of those who have gone missing. They are also visiting local and international initiatives which are working to create job opportunities for young people in Africa.

Together with partner broadcasters in Mali, Niger and Senegal, DW is hosting public debates in French and Hausa with young Africans to discuss migrants' unrealistic expectations of Germany and Europe as well as the responsibility of politicians on both sides of the Mediterranean. "We are using our close contacts within the region and the advantages of our languages to engage in direct dialogue with the people. That's something that is often neglected on a day-to-day level," said Claus Stäcker, head of DW's Africa programs.

The reports as well as audio recordings of the events will be broadcast via radio programs accessible in the target area and complemented by posts and videos on social media. The subject will also be an area of focus on DW's English television channel in December. 

Supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, the project's focus is on West Africa with a view to two key countries of transit, Mali and Niger. The project idea arose in DW's Africa program and was developed together with the Foreign Office.

In West Africa, DW has a network of around 140 local correspondents. Every week its radio broadcasts reach up to 34 percent of the adult populations in the region. The number of Facebook fans in the three languages is around 1 million in total.