The many sides of Romania | Insider tips for our DW travel guide | DW | 08.10.2013
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Travel Guide

The many sides of Romania

Georgiana will make you want to see her country. The journey is waiting and open-minded travelers will experience unique and beautiful nature, delicious cuisine, cultural attractions and interesting festivities.

Georgiana in front of the Bucegi-Sphinx, one of three rock formations in the Bucegi-Massif, located in the southern Carpathian Mountains.

Georgiana in front of the Bucegi-Sphinx, one of three rock formations in the Bucegi-Massif, located in the southern Carpathian Mountains.

Romania is a country on the Black Sea in the area between central and southeast Europe.

Green hills with a village in the valley.

Georgiana’s home in the natural beauty of summer.

My home, and for me the most beautiful place on the earth, is Romania.

Why should everyone visit Romania? There are so many reasons! If you love nature, something unique to all of Europe is the Danube river delta. A wonderful diversity of animals and birds have their habitat in this magnificent landscape. Especially in the summertime you shouldn’t miss visiting this natural park.

For unusual tastes, come in winter to the mountains and experience something chilling.
Eastern Europe's first ice hotel and ice church are located near Lake Bâlea, a glacial lake in the Făgăraș Mountains. Reserve a room in the hotel and spend an unforgettable night. Many tourists from around the world also travel to the ice church to celebrate their wedding.

Snow covered mountains with a cabin.

In winter unusual attractions await in the mountains.

There are also many cultural attractions. The Churches of Moldavia, are a series of Romanian Orthodox churches in southern Bukovina. Some of the monasteries, that are also UNESCO world heritage sites, have impressive murals on the outside walls. The fortified churches in Transylvania are also worth a visit. They are too world heritage sites located in
Viscri, Prejmer or Biertan. Every one of these places is a living symbol for centuries of history and culture.

There are more than wonderful landscapes and historical places making Romania a popular travel destination. The hospitality of Romanians and the elegantly delicious cuisine are also very much appreciated by visitors. For example "Sarmale" is a type of stuffed cabbage that tourists always really enjoy. To make Sarmale you fill a pickled cabbage leaf with ground pork and spices and cook it all together. Sarmale are served with polenta and red peppers on the side.

If you want to travel to Romania in autumn, you will then have the opportunity to visit the George Enestu Festival. Since 1958, this festival has taken place as a commemoration to the famous conductor, composer and violinist George Enescu, who died in 1955. Concerts with musicians from the around the world are organized in all of Romania to honor this beloved violinist.

I have another tip for everyone who can’t make it to the festival. We also have an Oktoberfest that is organized every year in Brașov and other cities. Similar to the one in Munich, visitors can try out many varieties of beer and enjoy sausages.

Come and discover my beautiful home Romania. I promise that you will not regret it.

Sent in by: Georgiana from Romania
Edited by: Jeanette Müller

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