The Luther Trail has been completed | DW Travel | DW | 28.05.2015
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The Luther Trail has been completed

The Luther Trail is considered one of the most important tourism projects in the run-up to the Reformation Anniversary in 2017. With the opening of the section in Saxony, the entire Luther Trail is now complete.

The last section was opened in Döbeln on Wednesday, May 27th. Pilgrims can now follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther and his companions along some 550 kilometers of trails leading to 27 sites in Saxony, that played a role in the reformation 500 years ago. Altogether, the system of trails extends some 2,000 kilometers through central Germany.

Saxony’s State Premier Martin Duhlig (SPD) reminds us that, along with Saxony-Anhalt and Thüringen, Saxony is a "Motherland of the Reformation." The project was designed to revive the region for tourism by attracting visitors from both far and near. The spiritual hiking, without a defined geographical goal, should be considered an "invitation to think," said Duhlig.

Flooding in 2013 had delayed completion of the trail project in Saxony. The first major sections, the western route, from Torgau via Leipzig to Zwickau, was opened early last Summer. Now, the eastern route, covering Grimma, Döbeln and Rochlitz are finally ready, complete with signs and information displays. As in Thüringen and Saxony-Anhalt, trails are marked with a green letter "L" on a white background.

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