The long war - Israel-Iran-USA, Part 1 | DocFilm | DW | 22.06.2022

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The long war - Israel-Iran-USA, Part 1

Since the Islamic Republic of Iran was founded in 1979, there has been a war between Iran, Israel and the US. The war has never been officially declared, and there has been no real reconciliation.

Part One of this two-part documentary focuses on the origins of the conflict between Iran and Israel. It began when the Israelis invaded Lebanon to confront a new Lebanese Shiite force backed by Iran: Hezbollah. Throughout the Middle East, targeted assassinations, bombings, and non-military attacks with no clear attribution are on the rise. Could the "secret war" between Iran and Israel escalate into a major regional or even global confrontation? The two countries are dominant powers in today’s Middle East. Yet Iran and Israel have failed to resolve their historical disputes, and there has never been significant dialogue between them. And what role does the United States play in the conflict? Based on painstaking archival research and featuring high-profile players in Israel, Iran, Lebanon and the US, the film looks back on the more than forty years since Iran’s Islamic Revolution. It explores key moments and provides ways of understanding the new Middle East.