The latest from Germany′s Top 100 | Soundscape 100 | DW | 11.04.2008
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Soundscape 100

The latest from Germany's Top 100

Discover how the King of Pop turns into a German literary legend, why a band from Hanover is causing some lingual hysteria and what the latest dance craze on German dancefloors is.

The group Wise Guys

The group Wise Guys

Back in 2000, Toca's Miracle catapulted brothers Dirk and Marco Duderstadt, the main men behind the Fragma project, to world fame. Now in 2008, the song is spinning hard and fast once again in a new version called the inpetto edit. Sportfreunde Stiller's song Antinazibund is a flag for a campaign to strengthen the front against radical right-wing sentiments and activities. Cologne’s home-grown a cappela group Wise Guys has come up with a brilliant and crazy rendition of Thriller, the Michael Jackson classic. Jacko himself is back in the German charts, a full 25 years after Thriller made music history, this time in the 2008 version of Beat It performed with Black Eyed Pea babe Fergie. Marquess of Hanover, Germany, sing La Histeria in their less than impeccable Spanish and create some mild hysteria among Spanish speakers who are annoyed by the lingual lapses. Even the legendary Bob Dylan refers to Grammy award winning R&B and soul star Alicia Keys in one of his songs. German DJ duo Lexy & K-Paul, this time with the help of hip hopper Das Bo, are bringing The Clap to German dancefloors. Don't worry, it's the kind created by two hands.

Zenker/Duderstadt: Toca’s Miracle Inpetto Edit with Fragma on 14603 LO:GO Recordings

Brugger/Weber/Linhof: Antinazibund with Sportfreunde Stiller on 14513 VERTIGO BERLIN 6164552

Temperton: Schiller with Wise Guys on 06628 Pavement Records 60150

Jackson: Beat It 2008 with Michael Jackson feat. Fergie on 00199 Epic 88697220962

Fleps/Decker/Heggen/Pierro: La Histeria with Marquess on 14216 STARWATCH music

Keys/Brothers: No One with Alicia Keys on 11063 J RECORDS

Gerlach/Paul/Das Bo: The Clap (Original) with Lexy & K-Paul feat. Das Bo on 15776 Low Spirit