The Korean Divide - Inside the DMZ | DocFilm | DW | 29.03.2016
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The Korean Divide - Inside the DMZ

It is four kilometers wide, 250 kilometers long and divides Korea in two: the demilitarized zone, also called DMZ. For the first time a camera crew has been allowed to film in this normally restricted area.

doku Niemandsland Kim Hoon

Kim Hoon, member of a group of academics, investigators and journalists - the first such to visit the DMZ.

The DMZ divides the Korean Peninsula in two, along the 38th parallel. It is under UN administration and, since the end of hostilities between opposing sides on the Korean Peninsula in 1953, it has been a symbol of the harsh reality of the Asian nation’s divide. For the first time a team of non-military observers has been allowed to film inside the DMZ. Together with author Kim Hoon, the camera team undertakes a journey of discovery in this Cold War no man’s land.

doku Niemandsland Seargent Choi

First Sergeant Choi, helps South Korean recruits deal with the solitude of guard duty.

A hidden world is revealed as we visit its secrets: for example the tunnels built by the North Koreans that extend deep into the territory of the South. We visit the barracks where soldiers are are given psychological care to enable them to cope with the long, solitary hours of guarding against the threat from the North. The film also shows the mass graves dating back over half a century of Russian, American, Chinese and Korean soldiers.

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