The impact of coronavirus | In Good Shape - The Health Show | DW | 30.09.2020
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In Good Shape

The impact of coronavirus

The pandemic has put a physical and psychological strain on a lot of people. 

Survivors of a coronavirus infection can be left with long-term effects. Also on the show: coping with coronavirus measures such as social distancing, and the different approaches to creating a vaccine.

Die Themenübersicht: 

Social effects of coronavirus

A team of psychologists is investigating the impact that social distancing, working from home and other protection measures have on us.

Coronavirus and the psyche - An interview with an expert

What effect does the coronavirus crisis have on our mental well-being? In Good Shape talks to psychotherapist Dr. Andreas Bechdolf.


The long-term health effects of coronavirus

A coronavirus survivor can still suffer from long-term complications, such as shortness of breath, memory disorders and kidney damage. 


Flu vaccine 

Every year there’s a new global wave of influenza that claims many lives. But it’s possible to get vaccinated against these flu viruses, which is especially important for those in high risk groups. 

Coronavirus vaccines

Scientists are exploring various methods of developing a vaccine against coronaviruses. But their goal is always the same — to immunize the body against an infection. 

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