The Eifel - the Beauty of Sleeping Volcanoes | Discover Germany | DW | 06.11.2011
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Discover Germany

The Eifel - the Beauty of Sleeping Volcanoes

The Eifel is a low mountain range in western Germany, near the Belgian border. It is located between the Rhine River to the east and the Moselle River to the south. It's a remote area where nature has been left largely intact. That makes the Eifel region perfect for travelers looking for a bit of calm relaxation.

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Our visit takes us from the northern Eifel to Monschau, and ends in Daun in the Vulkan Eifel region. The region boasts a wealth of forests and waterways, like those at the Eifel National Park, where the Rur Reservoir is located. The reservoir is fed by water from the Rur River, which also flows through Monschau, a picturesque town known as the "pearl of the Eifel." The region is also known for the crater lakes that dot the landscape. It's an area that has long served as inspiration for religious orders, like the Benedictine monks who lived in the Maria Laach Abbey, which is considered a prime example of Romanesque architecture. But it's not all peace and quiet -- at the Nürburgring, it's rather noisy. During the auto racing season, there's plenty here for motor sport enthusiasts to see and do. And each June, the Nürburgring plays host to the legendary Open Air Festival Rock am Ring, which brings over 80,000 music fans to the Eifel.