The DW Media Center now available in Persian and Russian | Press Releases | DW | 08.08.2012
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Press Releases

The DW Media Center now available in Persian and Russian

Persian and Russian joined the list of languages available in Deutsche Welle’s Media Center in July 2012.

The Media Center - a digital archive that has been seamlessly integrated into the DW news website - offers a huge collection of audio and video material. It is a modern, user-friendly way to access and search information on a wide range of topics from current affairs, business, science, education, entertainment to lifestyle, music and German language courses.

Screenshot Media Center Russisch

DW Media Center in Russian

DW launched the Media Center in November 2010. Besides Persian and Russian, it already includes German, English, Arabic and Spanish. Deutsche Welle plans to add still more languages, such as Chinese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Portuguese for Brazil, Bosnian, Hindi, Serbian and Indonesian.

Online users can access audios, as well as individual programs as videos on demand. There are also picture galleries, podcasts and live streams from DW’s six television channels.

Users can obtain more information on related subjects by clicking on the various tags accompanying the stories. They can also share the content through links to social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

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