The challenges and opportunities of covering news on the International Criminal Court | Program | DW | 07.04.2015
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The challenges and opportunities of covering news on the International Criminal Court

Hosted by International Criminal Court
Tuesday, June 23 / Room D

Whether reporting on the International Criminal Court (ICC) from abroad or visiting The Hague to cover court proceedings, journalists attending this workshop will gain information and tools that will facilitate their work. The session will address three main areas:

1. The ICC: Core facts and unique legal considerations
The workshop will introduce you to the legal process set out in the Rome Statute so that you can gain knowledge of how the court works and why state cooperation is essential to the court; follow the court’s activities; understand judicial developments in ICC cases; and anticipate the potential next steps in proceedings.

2. Challenges for journalists covering the ICC
The workshop will address the potential challenges journalists covering the court may face, including:
- Having to translate the ICC’s complex and unique legal system and terminology into stories accessible to diverse audiences;
- Getting a full story while respecting that certain information is confidential for the protection of victims or witness and the integrity of proceedings;
- Working within an atmosphere with cultural, political or other sensitivities toward the court, its cases or the conflicts it investigates.

3. Exploring the many opportunities and angles of covering the court
What are the typical reports on the court, and how can you move beyond those messages to create a unique angle? How can you guarantee a fact-check, quote or more in-depth interview when needed? And what resources does the court provide that can facilitate your work?

The workshop will address these questions, focusing on current dialogue and reporting about the court and the avenues for taking that dialogue to deeper levels and in different directions. Find out the best options for staying connected with the court and get information on journalists’ associations and other relevant networks.

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