The Catholic Church: Power and abuse of power? | To the Point | DW | 10.06.2021
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To the Point

The Catholic Church: Power and abuse of power?

The sexual abuse scandal in Germany's Catholic Church continues as a leading cardinal offers his resignation to Pope Francis. So, can the church be reformed? Guests: Anna Diouf (Maria 1.0), Max Cappabianca (priest), Matthias Katsch (abuse survivor organisation)

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Anna Diouf is a professional musician who says: " Instead of structural reform, we need to refocus on the actual aim of the Christian faith: which is Eternal life."




Max Cappabianca a Dominican priest and, for many years, church journalist. He believes that: "The Church should not be afraid of change."




 Matthias Katsch, from the abuse survivors organisation Eckiger Tisch, who warns that: "It is high time for the church to really listen to the voices of the victims."