The Campus | Master′s Degree | DW | 01.03.2012
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Master's Degree

The Campus

Deutsche Welle offers a high-qualitiy learning environment. The lecture room is furnished with modern technology, in the seminar rooms strudents can work effectively and the studios are among the most modern in Europe.

Deutsche Welle
Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany's international broadcaster. It broadcasts news and background information worldwide on DW-TV in German, English, Spanish and Arabic, and DW-RADIO and DW.DE in 30 languages. The headquarters is in Bonn, with television operations in Berlin.

DW Akademie
DW Akademie offers training and consultation for radio professionals from developing and transition countries. Its projects contribute to more openness, clarity and participation from media partners. Deutsche Welle's modern broadcasting center in Bonn is located directly on the Rhine River, next to the Post Tower and the UN Campus.

Lecture Rooms
DW Akademie has a lecture room at its disposal that is furnished with the most modern technology. It has two projectors that provide an ideal view from every seat. In addition, there is a multimedia rack that makes it possible to use audio, video and online resources.

Seminar Rooms
DW Akademie's seminar rooms are furnished in such as way that both large and small groups can work closely and effectively together. This makes these rooms perfect for completing media projects. Seats are arranged so that participants face each other, which contributes to team atmosphere, calls for the key qualifications of the individuals and makes it possible to work out topics in an orderly manner. The room is furnished with computers, a projector, an overhead and usually a television.

Deutsche Welle's production and broadcasting studios are among the most modern in Europe. With is wide range of multimedia and digital technology, the company can produce elaborate reports and features. The radio training studios are representative of the usage standards for program formats and production processes. The modern, digital audio equipment makes it possible to create programming on your own, or also with the help of an audio technician for more complex productions. The technical equipment is representative of Deutsche Welle's standards, to ensure that the technical support from the company's departments. A computer-assisted video editing system has been set up to offer students the opportunity to develop their own video footage and features. The video material is stored on a server and edited digitally. The television studio enables students to gain real, journalistic experience while producing news, features and magazines. They are as close as possible to the infrastructure of Deutsche Welle's television technology. Filming and editing in the studio is digital and is saved on a server.

News Room
The news room is the control room for an editorial team. It's where all the reports are produced and students will find a realistic and professional working atmosphere for a multimedia editor. The news room includes 18 workstations that make it possible to research the news and work on copy, audio, video and online pieces. The available NRS, DIAS, VM and CMS systems that are used by Deutsche Welle have been implemented here.

Team Rooms for Students
Students can use their team room to discuss current topics, exchange ideas or work on projects for school. In addition, there are two Internet research rooms and a library available for students to use. The technical room offers the essential journalistic equipment that students will be able to use when they need to.