The art of being a child | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 10.10.2012
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The art of being a child

Can you capture childhood in a picture? An exhibition in Emden brings together famous artists' portrayals of kids - in many cases their own - and presents a new perspective on being a child.

The curators of "Artists' Children: From Runge to Richter, from Dix to Picasso" at the Kunsthalle in Emden ask visitors to rethink their approach to their own childhood and children.

The 130 works on display are by 60 different artists ranging from early 19th century to the present. Many of the artworks were never intended to be sold or exhibited, and provide insight into artists' private, domestic lives and emotional states.

The exhibition also documents the impact of new media technologies such as photography and video on portraiture and depictions of children and childhood.

Click through the pages to view more images from the exhibition.

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