The Angel Chronicles | Highlights | DW | 23.11.2016
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The Angel Chronicles

Where do angels come from? Why do they have wings? And at what point did they become a key decorative feature in the most important churches of the Christian faith?

The documentary The Angel Chronicles shows how and why the meaning and the portrayal of angels has changed over time. Telling the story of angels since the demise of pagan Antiquity is also telling the story of humankind.

In Christianity, angels are the main mediators between God and men. They are celestial beings who proclaim the word of God, guide people and help them to find their way back to the faith should they stray from the path. The angels are organized in a hierarchy, they embody the Divine Host, they pronounce and carry out His will. They are therefore of outstanding importance in the first large-scale artworks of fledgling Christianity, the Byzantine mosaics. After all, it is they, the angels who represent the Heavenly Order. And there has to be order, as order is the symbol of perfection.

The film is an enthralling and informative voyage of discovery to many of the key spiritual sites in Christianity – to monasteries and cemeteries, churches and cathedrals.

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