Thanks a million, Günther: Student wins TV quiz show | News | DW | 08.12.2015
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Thanks a million, Günther: Student wins TV quiz show

How many small cubes make up the classic Rubik's cube? The correct answer to this question made a German student an instant millionaire in a televised quiz.

With a helping hand from German television personality Günther Jauch, Leon Windscheid from Münster has a million reasons to celebrate his 27th birthday on Tuesday.

In a show broadcast on Monday night, the psychology student was revealed as the latest winner of the German edition of popular quiz show "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

Zauberwürfel - Rubik's Cube

Who said this was a waste of time?

For the last of 15 questions and with all of his other options for help used up, Windscheid enlisted the assistance of Jauch. The pair twisted their hands together to form the vague shape of a cube. This in turn helped Windscheid figure out the correct answer to the question of how many cubes made up Ernö Rubik's famed puzzle: C, 26 cubes.

The confetti rained down and the young man became the eleventh ordinary contestant to win a million on the show which has been a staple of German entertainment for the past 16 years. In addition, three celebrities have made the grade in special editions of the show raising money for charity and a woman from Dresden won 1.5 million euros in a "jackpot" broadcast.

One of the new millionire's first demands: the suit the host was wearing. Nevertheless, he said he wouldn't become a big spender.

"The money gives me freedom, but it's not going to change me."

He had plans to use the money to fund his doctoral studies, to take a vacation and go towards a renovated party boat, aptly named the "MS Günther."

se/msh (dpa)

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