Testing photo editing apps: ″Polarr″ | Shift | DW | 23.04.2019
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Testing photo editing apps: "Polarr"

If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and quickly share beautiful photos, you need effective tools for image editing. DW Digital is testing the most popular apps .This week: "Polarr"

Photo app "Polarr" is available in a free version for iOS and Android. It also offers a browser editing option, a nice choice if you are tired of retouching your images on your tiny phone screen.

In addition to standard tools for digital image editing, the app holds a large number of effects and text tools in store. Additionally, it has its own camera function. For first-time users, the app offers a mini tutorial which lets you try out most of the app's features. Exiting: When you touch the "return" icon, the app lists all editing steps you have already made and lets you maneuver within the different steps.

We particularly liked the clear design of the texts and stickers. When you agree to buy the professional version for $ 23.99 (about € 22.00) a year, gradients, retouching brushes and overlays are added to the already wide variety of tools. The results are very professional and natural.

With the "Polarr Research Panel", a community function is planned for "Polarr" and "Polarr 24 FPS" is a video editor in beta phase. Polarr was founded in Silicon Valley in 2014 and has been downloaded more than five million times until today.


Top 3 Pros:

- Very appealing results

- Clear design for texts and stickers

- Step-by-step editing timeline very pleasant to work with


Top 3 Cons:

- The icons in the toolbar are often too small to handle

- Many professional options need to be purchased

- Design is more important than user experience: not all the tools and icons are self-explanatory


Price: free for iOS & Android, pro version for $ 23.99 annually

Manufacturer: Polarr Inc.