Testing photo editing apps: ″Hyperspektiv″ | Digital Culture | DW | 03.06.2020
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Digital Culture

Testing photo editing apps: "Hyperspektiv"

If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and quickly share beautiful results, you need effective image editing tools. DW Digital tests the most popular apps. This week: "Hyperspektiv".

Reality is too beautiful? Alienate it! The filter app "Hyperspektiv" actively supports you in this process with color changes, perspective shifts, disturbing blurs, doubling effects. Some filters imitate thermal imaging cameras or split the images into kaleidoscopic creations. At the end of the processing, nothing is as it was.

Two of the developers of "Hyperspektiv" are musicians, the third runs a music label. The app is designed by them as an interactive art tool. The goal: to give a new view of the world.

The operation of the iOS application is self-explanatory and relies on the help of coincidence: select filters and wipe the image with your finger - this is how the effect is modified. Awesome: Particularly beautiful variations of the filter can be saved separately for later reuse.

The intensity of the filters can also be adjusted with sliders. In addition, each individual photo can be broken down into its individual parts and reassembled.

The option to export photos and videos in HD is reserved for subscribers only, as is access to filters that are published monthly. The free version, however, offers a sufficiently large field of experimentation for error-prone creative people.

Psychedelic, gaudy, distorted, totally weired: the results are disturbing and fascinating at the same time. Sure, there are various apps in the genre "Glitch Art", but this one has the craziest filters and the most wacky effects. "Hyperspektiv" takes the deliberate alienation to a whole new level.


Top 3 Pros: 

- unusual filters.

- deliberately producing errors is fun with this app

- uncomplicated export


Top 2 cons: 

- successful, randomly generated variants of an effect are hard to find again if they are not saved as extra filters

- Export not possible in HD


Manufacturer: Phantom Force

Price: The basic version is free of charge in the Apple Store. The monthly subscription costs 2.99 €, per year it costs 26.49 €.