Testing photo editing apps: ″Glitch Photo Editor″. | Shift | DW | 03.07.2019
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Testing photo editing apps: "Glitch Photo Editor".

If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and quickly share beautiful photos, you need effective tools for image editing. DW Digital is testing the most popular apps. This week: "Glitch Photo Editor".

Glitch Photo Editor adds hip "glitch" effects to snapshots. There are a lot of similar applications on the market - but only few deliver convincing results. In our opinion the results of "Glitch Photo Editor" is one of the rare examples  that don't disappoint.

The app has a rather minimalistic user interface: one menu for default settings, one for glitch effects, and additionally a small selection of filters, stickers and frames. Effects and filters are controlled by a slider.

But that's about it. There's neither an "undo" function nor can you enlarge photos while editing them. 

The app's strength lies in its effects and filters - they produce very  good looking results. Perspective distortions, TV glitches or the look of old web pages - the application does everything convincingly. The fact that the results can be exported in high resolution makes for a rather convincing package.
For the full version you have pay 9.99 per year - whether this is justified, we cannot say with certainty. That depends on whether the developers regularly deliver convincing updates.


Top 3 Pros:

- Very easy to use
- High resolution export 
- Convincing results


Top 3 cons:- No "undo" funktion

- No "undo" funktion
- No zoom function during editing
- Full version only on a subscription basis

Price: Free for Android / Full version as a yearly subscription: 9.99 €
Manufacturer: cameras.ideas