Testing photo editing apps: ″Color Pop Effects″ | Shift | DW | 05.11.2019
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Testing photo editing apps: "Color Pop Effects"

If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and quickly share beautiful results, you need effective image editing tools. DW Digital tests the most popular apps. This week: "Color Pop Effects".

"Color Pop Effects Photo Editor" is freely available for free for IOS and Android.

The app is not a classic photo editing app, but tries to convince users with 

The "Color Pop Effects" let you highlight selected parts of your photos. These areas will keep full color, while the rest is converted to black and white.

But there's also a “Recolor” tool which can completely re-colors certain parts. So, if you've always wanted purple hair, poison green eyes or bright red lips, you can let off some steam here.

With the black-and-white photo editing function, you can get a vintage effect look with a little color splashing. Additionally, the app offers the possibility to save your pictures in HD and upload them directly to Instagram and co.

Color Pop Effects" provides colorful fun, but unfortunately the app sometimes doesn't run smoothly and crashed regularly on the iPhone 6 we used. Nevertheless, it was great fun for our editor to paint leaves – finger paint style.


Top 3 Pros:

  • Pan & Zoom to work in detail
  • Brush size & opacity control for precise editing
  • With "Recolor" colors can be changed completely


Top 3 cons:

  • Advertising and watermarks in the free version
  • App does not run smoothly in some cases
  • Subscription is relatively expensive


Price: Free for iOS & Android / Pro version as monthly (annual) payment: 5,99€ (29,99€)

Manufacturer: Color Pop Effects LLC