Teodor Currentzis, the classical rebel | Film | DW | 03.11.2016

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Teodor Currentzis, the classical rebel

This documentary about the Greek conductor Teodor Currentzis shows how he blurs boundaries between genres, pursues thought-provoking projects and pushes his MusicAeterna orchestra to its limits.

Watch video 26:04

Currentzis - The Classical Rebel, part 1

Teodor Currentzis has been shaking up the music world as he pushes genre boundaries, provokes with unusual actions and positions himself as the classical world's pop star.

In the Russian industrial city of Perm, Currentzis has been creating spectacular music productions with his young orchestra, the MusicAeterna.

The documentary "Currentzis - The Classical Rebel" portrays the extraordinary maestro, following him during the CD recording of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" opera.

It is a co-production of Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images and ZDF/Arte in cooperation with Deutsche Welle and Sony Music. It was directed by DW's Christian Berger, who has filmed a number of prize-winning documentaries with classical stars, among them Lang Lang, Simon Rattle, Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Paavo Järvi.

Watch video 26:04

Currentzis - The Classical Rebel, part 2



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