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This new project funded by the German Federal Foreign Office intends to combine hands on investigative journalism research, conflict sensitive reporting and innovative approaches to unveil and counter fake news.

The aim of the project, organized by DW Akademie, is to support practicing and talented African journalists to tell their stories in-depth investigations while unveiling and countering fake news. In addition the goal is to empower and enable journalists as well as media outlets to cover controversial topics in a conflict sensitive way. We believe it is the media’s core function to enhance transparency and to transfer fact-based knowledge. We consider this to be an important prerequisite for people to make informed decisions and pursue an open social debate. This is all the more important in fragile and conflict-prone regions.

18 media professionals will get the chance to participate in the project. We are looking for curious journalists from Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda who want to get to the bottom of a story.

Candidates should have

  • 3 years experience in journalism (TV, radio, print or online)
  • desire to learn investigative journalism techniques
  • fluency in English or French
  • nationality Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda
  • willingness and ability to travel and take part in all phases of the project from May to December 2017

TELL THE STORY! will be implemented in five phases:

1. Kick off workshop + first phase of research

The selected participants will be invited to Nairobi to join the kick off workshop. During this session they learn the essentials of investigative and conflict sensitive journalism and then identify one topic for research.

2. Idea lab + second phase of research

During the second phase of the project all participants will meet in Kampala. They will present their first research results and exchange ideas about verification methods and formats. Following this seminar, they pursue their research and prepare the production of their stories.

3. Content creation + distribution

At this stage the participants will produce their stories and DW Akademie trainers will guide them on how to professionally produce them.

4. Media forum

The main project will conclude with a Media forum. The participants will present their stories and exchange with experts from the continent.

5. Train the Trainer

The best participants will be get a chance to take part in a Train the Trainer session which will be held in Nairobi. The goal is to enable them to pass on their knowledge to their colleagues.

Application process

Applicants must submit a duly completed application form. Additionally, a letter of support for this application from your employer is required. The form should be returned along with the supporting documents before April 20, 2017 by email to