Television | Program | DW | 13.05.2015
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DW's television lineup provides viewers with a reliable and independent source of news and information from Germany and Europe on five channels in four languages.

DW's television programming combines 24-hour news coverage with features, magazines and documentaries on politics, business, culture, and sports. Our viewers benefit from programming that is tailored to individual regions and provides an unbiased and thorough overview of events from around the world.

Here are some of our television highlights:

Focus on Europe sheds light on interesting people from across Europe and shares their stories with the world.

DW's special for Asia, Founders Valley, explores the fast-moving world of Asian entrepreneurs and shares their success stories.

Watch video 01:17

How Asia's startups drive digital change

In Latin America, the co-production Claves highlights the challenges for Latin American countries in the 21st century.

Eco Africa showcases best practices and remarkable individuals protecting the environment in Africa. And the India edition, Eco India, gives unique insight into the complicated environmental issues affecting a growing country with 1.3 billion people.

Watch video 26:06

Eco India - The Environment Magazine

What can we do for you?

These highlights, along with audience favorites like Euromaxx, In Good Shapeand Made in Germany, are perfect addition to any line up.

Would you like to expand your programming palette with DW? Our distribution representatives are happy to provide you with information about integrating the entire channel, individual programs, or even the possibility to work with DW on a co-production.

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