Television | Program | DW | 13.05.2015
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DW’s television lineup provides viewers with a reliable, independent source for news and information from Germany and Europe along with programming suited for every target audience in locations all over the world.

DW’s international television programming combines news with features, magazines and documentaries covering politics, business, culture and sports on five channels in four languages delivering the right content for each broadcasting region.

Our viewers benefit from programming that is tailored to individual regions while providing an exceptional overview of events from around the world. Shows like Focus on Europe, shed light on interesting people from across Europe and share their stories with the world. On Shift – Living in the Digital Age, we keep viewers up-to-date on the latest developments in digital culture. For Latin America, the co-production Claves highlights the challenges for Latin American countries in the 21st century.

DW also creates platforms for intercultural dialogue between Europe and the Arab world, such as the co-production Shababtalk – a talk show about youth culture or Women at a Turning Point with Reem Magued, which focuses on exemplary women in Egypt.

These new highlights combined with DW’s trusted favorites like Euromaxx, Drive it! and In Good Shape, create the ideal programming balance.

Do you want to expand your programming palette with DW? Our distribution representatives are happy to provide you with information about integrating the entire channel or just individual programs, as well as the possibility of working with us on a co-production.