Tanzania′s Street Coffee Culture | Africa | DW | 29.12.2021

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Tanzania's Street Coffee Culture

Tanzania is know for its high-quality coffee beans. And its capital Dar es Salaam also has a thriving coffee culture that attracts customers day and night.

Watch video 02:09

This part of Dar es Salaam is all about coffee. You can get pretty well anything to do with the product here. From raw coffee beans to snacks to accompany your cup of coffee. Coffee is a 24-hours business here.

The street often floods in the rainy season. Forcing residents to temporarily leave their homes. Even when they lose items to the floods, coffee vendors here won't give up hope. The vendors sell two types of coffee beans: robusta and arabica.

Much of Tanzania's coffee is exported. But businesses like these ensure. Tanzanians can also enjoy coffee from locally grown beans.