Tales from the Border (5): Serbia – ′Afghan park,′ Belgrade | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 18.11.2021

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Tales from the Border (5): Serbia – 'Afghan park,' Belgrade

"Afghan Park" in Belgrade is right beside the bus station. It is where migrants gather before traveling to the north of Serbia to try their luck in "the game" of crossing borders into the European Union. Here we meet Amir, a pharmacist, and his family, who fled Iraq after militias threatened to kill him.

Listen to audio 31:23

In Episode Five, we arrive in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, with Andras Lederer, from the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, and reporter Idro Seferi. Near the bus station, in the center of town is a spot known as "Afghan Park," where people wait to catch a bus to the various borders on the so-called Balkan route. We hear from Amir, a pharmacist who fled Iraq after militias threatened to kill him. Traveling with Amir are his wife and two small children. We also meet the renowned lawyer Nikola Kovacevic, who talks about why he is helping migrants who have been pushed back at the borders. 

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ReporterIdro Seferi, Serbia 

Presentation in Serbia: AndraLederer, Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Presenter and Producer: Emma Wallis 

Editor: Marion MacGregor 

Series Editors: Charlotte Hauswedell and Sven Pöhle 

Studio Production: Gerd Georgii and Jürgen Kuhn in the DW studios 

Theme Music: Chinese Man Records, France