Talíria takes on the military | Reporter - On Location | DW | 16.06.2018
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Talíria takes on the military

Talíria Petrone is a city councilwoman in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro State, who would like the military to be more accountable. Since it took over responsibility for her city, the criticism has not stopped.

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The murder of Marielle Franco in March, 2018, shocked the residents of Rio. She was one of the most vocal critics against the military. She was shot on the streets - the bullets seemingly were military stock. Her close friend Taliria Petrone continues the struggle, campaigning against the army’s tough approach to drug gangs for instance. She also fights for the rights of black Brazilians. She's received death threats and now has bodyguards but she refuses to be intimidated. Talíria Takes on the Military Human Rights in Brazil. A Report by Bianca Kopsch.