Tajikistan: The migrant workers return | Reporter - On Location | DW | 22.04.2017
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Tajikistan: The migrant workers return

Russia's economic crisis is hitting many of the migrant workers from Central Asia hard. Hundreds of thousands of Tajiks have been forced to return to their home country - often to poverty and hopelessness.

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For many years, Dzhamshed worked on construction sites in Russia to support his wife and four children. But when Russia tightened its immigration laws, many of the migrant workers were no longer welcome. Dzhamshed had to return to Tajikistan along with hundreds of thousands of his countrymen. Life there is a fight for survival. With no job or other prospects, some become radicalized and follow recruiters for the Islamic State terrorist group. Dzhamshed has no thought of joining the IS. He tries to get by as a day laborer in the capital Dushanbe. Every day is a new struggle to scrape together enough money to feed his family. Deported back into Poverty - Return to Tajikistan. A Report by Yuri Resheto.