Taiwan: China′s next target? (part 1) | Close up - The Current Affairs Documentary | DW | 05.10.2020

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Close up

Taiwan: China's next target? (part 1)

China openly threatens Taiwan with invasion. The world assumes it will never follow through. Yet as Beijing flexes its muscles from Hong Kong to the Himalayas and from the South China Sea to Xinjiang, is that dangerous complacency?

"The threat is very real,” says Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu in this new, two-part analysis from DW Chief International Editor Richard Walker. The film explores the history of the threat facing Taiwan, and examines three scenarios of how the future could play out - ranging from chipping away at Taiwan’s stability via low-level military and hybrid measures, right up to a full-scale invasion. Leading strategy, military and intelligence experts from Taiwan, China, the United States and Germany provide analyses and predictions, while Foreign Minister Joseph Wu urgently appeals to the democratic world to come to Taiwan’s aid.