Syrian President Bashar Assad tests positive for COVID | News | DW | 08.03.2021

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Syrian President Bashar Assad tests positive for COVID

Both the president and his wife, Asma, are in quarantine and in a "stable condition," the Syrian government has announced. The pair will work from home during a period of isolation.

Bashar Assad

Bashar Assad and his wife tested positive after showing mild symptoms

Syrian President Bashar Assad and his wife, Asma, tested positive for coronavirus on Monday, his office said on Monday.

Syria has so far officially recorded 15,900 coronavirus cases and 1,063 deaths, but the actual figure is estimated to be much higher.

What the official statement on Assad's health said

According to the statement, Assad and his wife:

  • Took a PCR test after experiencing "mild symptoms";
  • Tested positive, but are in "good health and a stable condition";
  • Would continue to work during a "home quarantine period lasting two or three weeks."

Previous health issues

In August of last year, Assad, 55, who is a trained ophthalmologist, paused during an address to parliament due to a slight drop in blood pressure, before gathering his composure and resuming his speech a few minutes later.

In 2018, Asma underwent treatment for breast cancer, which the presidency said had been detected early. A year later, she said she had made a full recovery.

Conflict in Syria

Syria marks 10 years of internal conflict next week.

The Middle Eastern country has been ravaged since peaceful pro-democracy protests in March 2011 evolved into a full-blown war, drawing foreign fighters and powers.

jsi/rt (dpa, Reuters,AP)

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