Syrian pianist Aeham Ahmad @DW_GMF 16 | Program | DW | 26.04.2016
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Syrian pianist Aeham Ahmad @DW_GMF 16

For the very first time, the GMF will be hosting a live piano concert

Aeham Ahmad's piano playing has given hope to countless people in his home city in Syria and now it's your chance to become enchanted by him as well at this extraordinary concert in Bonn.

The images have already been seen around the world: surrounded by children, an emaciated young man plays in the rubble on a street in a devastated refugee camp. Now 27 years old, Aeham Ahmad lives in a refugee home near the German city of Giessen. Having studied music in Damascus and Homs, he grew up in Yarmouk and has thus spent most of his life in refugee settlements. With his playing, the musician wanted "to prove to the whole world that the majority of Syrians don't want this war," said Ahmad in an interview with DW. People would sing or dance along to the improvised performances, demonstrating, he said, that Syrians and Palestinians "love life" - even amidst a catastrophic tragedy. But after an "IS" militant burned his piano, Ahmad found himself forced to flee.

For his efforts, Aeham Ahmad was awarded the International Beethoven Prize in December 2015.