Swedish police shoot threatening man at Malmo train station | News | DW | 10.06.2019

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Swedish police shoot threatening man at Malmo train station

Swedish police say officers had no choice but to shoot and injure a man who was acting threateningly at Malmo central station. The man has been taken to the hospital and the train station has been evacuated.

Swedish police said on Monday that officers shot and injured a man at the central station in the southern city of Malmo.

The man was exhibiting "threatening behavior" and officers had no choice but to shoot him, police were quoted by the TT news agency as saying.

Malmo station evacuated

  • Police did not give details about the purported threats.
  • The man was the only person injured in the incident and has been taken to the hospital.
  • The station has been evacuated and train services have been halted.
  • A bomb squad has been deployed to the station.

More police

Malmo police said it was increasing its presence at public areas across the city after the incident.

"This presence will remain in place until police know more about the incident at the central station," police said.

Recent attacks: Sweden has seen multiple attacks in public places in recent years. Two people were killed and four were injured in June 2018 outside an internet cafe in Malmo when a man opened fire on the group from his car.

Sweden also saw a wave of arson attacks in August of last year in Gothenburg, which, like Malmo, is located near the Swedish-Danish border. 

dv/rt (AP, dpa, Reuters)

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