Sustainable Capacity Development in Africa: Selected Case Studies from the United Nations | Program | DW | 12.04.2012
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Sustainable Capacity Development in Africa: Selected Case Studies from the United Nations

26 June, 11:30 a.m., Plenary Chamber
Hosted by UNU/UNV

Addressing the needs of developing countries - in particular Africa - is a cross-cutting issue throughout the work of the United Nations. Ensuring that Africa has ownership of its own development is a major element for development. Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO, has said that, "Reorienting our education systems in line with the principles of sustainable development is essential for helping learners to understand and act upon such threats as climate change, poverty, food scarcity and the loss of biodiversity.”

This workshop session will be facilitated by the United Nations University (UNU), United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV). Participants can expect practical insights into activities of the United Nations agencies in Africa in the field of education and culture.

UNU's postgraduate education and capacity development activities in Africa foster knowledge creation with a strong emphasis on home-grown and participatory “made-to-fit” solutions.

Education is one of the main objectives identified in the UNCCD ten-year strategic plan and framework. The Convention’s educational messages seek to deepen understanding of issues of interest to the stakeholders so that measures to combat desertification, land degradation and drought become part and parcel of every country’s development policy.

The difference the UNVprogram makes is by demonstrating peace and development results and impacts through volunteerism. UNV has the ability and knowledge to bring about transformational change through volunteerism, community voluntary action and civic engagement through active partnerships with civil society, volunteer involving organizations, United Nations agencies and governments.


Gankam Tambo, Dr. Erick
Research Associate, Institute for Environment and Human Security, United Nations University, Bonn, Germany

Hori, Yukie
Coordinator, Awareness Raising, Communication and Education Unit, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Bonn, Germany

Szarzynski, Dr. Jörg
Head of Section, Enhancing Graduate Educational Capacities for Human Security, United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security, Bonn, Germany

Toe, Robert
Portfolio Manager Central and West Africa, United Nations Volunteers, Bonn, Germany