Sustainability from an Indian perspective | Media Development | DW | 29.10.2012
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Media Development

Sustainability from an Indian perspective

6 Indian journalists, 7 weeks of intensive training, 1 multimedia project. The result? A comprehensive blog on sustainability in Germany called "Grow.Green.India".

Datum: 10_2012 DW Akademie Beschreibung: Gruppe von sechs indischen Stipendiaten, die im Rahmen eines gemeinsamen Stipendiums von Robert-Bosch-Stiftung und DW Akademie sechs Wochen lang nach Deutschland gereist sind und verschiedene journalistische und interkulturelle Trainings absolviert haben. Projektmanager waren Patrick Benning und Sabina Casagrande.

DW Akademie Gruppe Indien Stipendiat Stipendium Robert Bosch Stiftung Deutschland

How can India’s rapid economic growth be shaped for the long-term? Are foreign models for climate-friendly energy generators suitable for an Indian context? And what’s behind subsidies for energy-efficient houses?

Six young Indian journalists on a scholarship from the Robert Bosch Foundation and DW Akademie came to Germany for seven weeks to research green solutions to problems related to the environment and economic growth. They’ve now produced a blog showing German pilot projects and long-term strategies.

More than 150 Indian journalists had applied for the scholarship. DW Akademie project managers Patrick Benning and Sabina Casagrande worked with the six finalists, and included workshops and intercultural training. The in-depth blog concludes the seven-week project.