Successful DW satire: Zapovednik | Digital Culture | DW | 31.07.2018
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Digital Culture

Successful DW satire: Zapovednik

The animated satire broadcast in Russian has been co-produced by DW since 2017 in an unusual workflow using state of the art computer gaming technology.

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Innovative technology: the political satire “Zapovednik”

In Russian, "Zapovednik" translates roughly to "restricted area with special legal status." The restricted area of this popular show satirizing international politics is clear: a Latvian production company turns out the production of DW and its Israeli TV partner Channel 9.

A team of young innovators produces "Zapovednik" using gaming technology. Since the show premiered in November 2017 it has been rebroadcast by ten international TV channels including broadcasters in the Baltic countries, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, in the Middle East and North America. DW disseminates the show on its Russian online page and via social media. The show is introduced here on the program "Shift."


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