Strike at Chipmaker Infineon | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 24.10.2005
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Strike at Chipmaker Infineon

Workers at semi-conductor manufacturer Infineon went on strike Monday to protest the Munich plant's future closure.


Action instead of resignation, reads the poster

Europe's largest chipmakers said earlier this year that it would close the factory in 2007 and cut 800 jobs. Last month Infineon said that rival chip maker X-Fab had decided not to buy the ageing plant because the factory's economic and structural deficits were "insurmountable." Workers from German truck manufacturer MAN, electronic giant Siemens and auto companies BMW and Volkswagen's Audi joined about 400 Infineon workers at the strike. Trade union IG Metall is protesting against the compensation package offered to workers for the closure, in which only a small number of employees are expected to be offered jobs at other Infineon sites. Negotiations to extend the life of the plant and increase compensation between management and the union broke down earlier this month. Union officials hope the strike will bring Infineon management back to the negotiating table.

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