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Sierra Leone Building on 20 Years of Peace

May 27, 2022

Two decades after Sierra Leone's civil war ended, how have young people come to terms with trauma, loss and economic hardship? Sierra Leoneans tell us what the country needs to make up for the lost time.

DW Sendung | The 77 Percent | Beitrag Sierra Leone
Image: Sella Oneko
Sierra Leone: Rebellen in Freetown
Image: AFP Sanogo/dpa/picture alliance

Sierra Leone still scarred by civil war

Trauma runs deep in Sierra Leone. An 11-year war left more than 50,000 people dead. Two decades on, young people say corruption, poverty and unemployment remain rampant as they try to build the nation.


Uganda Rosebell Kagumire, Feministin & Aktivistin
Image: Isaac Kasamani/AFP/Getty Images

Rosebell Kagumire: Online and On Point

Ugandan journalist Rosebell Kagumire fights to give women in Africa a voice. On the website "africanfeminism.com", she documents the reality African women’s lives by exposing the struggle for digital freedom of expression and internet shutdowns.


DW Sendung | The 77 Percent | Beitrag The Gambia
Image: Omar Wally

The Gambia: Self-defense for Gambian teens

GirlZ Off Mute's teen reporter Lena Igweanyiba meets young women training to defend themselves from physical attacks. She finds women gaining confidence and pulling some fast moves!


DW Sendung | The 77 Percent | Beitrag In the Shadow of a Volcano  – My City Goma
Image: Sella Oneko

In the Shadow of a Volcano – My City Goma

Goma, the Congolese city nestled between an active volcano and Lake Kivu, is slam artist Ben Kamuntu's hometown. It borders Rwanda, and is no stranger to regional armed conflict. But Kamuntu introduces resilient residents, who have stared down the threat of war and the Nyiragongo volcano.



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