Strangers - 6 Years Later - Part 2 | DocFilm | DW | 08.06.2013
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Strangers - 6 Years Later - Part 2

Six years ago, we followed young immigrants as they started their new lives in Germany. Now we’ve caught up with them again to see how they are getting on today - and what happened to them in the meantime. Amir from Togo has already got a German residence permit, but life in Munich is expensive and he has to work two jobs to keep afloat.

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And Florina has to work on top of her studies at Mexico’s top university and is dreaming of a scholarship in Germany. The Russian-Jewish singer Konstantin and his new family feel quite at home in Leipzig - in his early years, he used to sing revolutionary songs. And Rashin is enjoying summer in Berlin and asking herself whether she will ever fall in love again...