Storm Sabine damage to cost €675 million | News | DW | 18.02.2020
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Storm Sabine damage to cost €675 million

The deadly storm caused chaos across Germany, bringing down trees, cutting power and disrupting transport. Insurers in Germany are expecting to pay out millions in damage claims.

Damage caused by storm Sabine is expected to cost €675 million ($730 million) in insurance claims, the Association of German Insurers (GDV) said on Tuesday.

The GDV said it expects "€600 million will be paid out for damaged buildings, belongings, and commercial and industrial businesses" in around 500,000 cases.

An additional €75 million of claims is expected to be paid out for 40,000 cars and other vehicles.

The cost of the storm makes Sabine the sixth most expensive since 2002. Storm Kyrill, which raged across Germany in 2007, remains the most expensive storm in Germany. Insurance claims for damage caused by the storm added up to €3 billion.

Storm Sabine — known as Ciara in other parts of Europe— raged across the British Isles, Germany, and other parts of continental Europe for several days causing widespread disruption, damage and several injuries.

kmm/ng (dpa,Reuters)

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