Steamed Venison Back Filets in a Spinach Wrap with Chanterelle Mushrooms | Lamb and Game | DW | 17.02.2005
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Lamb and Game

Steamed Venison Back Filets in a Spinach Wrap with Chanterelle Mushrooms

Hirsch 'n' Wirt in the Enns valley is the number one address for gourmets in this area of Austria. Head cook Dietmar Dorner has let us into the secrets of his venison recipe.


Ingredients for 4 People

For the Venison:
400g Venison Back Filet
200g Spinach

For the Parsley Farce:
100g Turkey Cutlets.
1 Egg
A Handful of Parsley.
2 Desert Spoons Cream
Salt, Pepper

For the Red Butter:
1/4 Litre Red Wine
1/8 Litre Ruby Port

125g Ice-Cold Butter
Salt, Pepper

For the Mushrooms:

200g Chanterelle Mushrooms
1 Desert Spoon Butter
1 Onion
50 ml Cream
Pepper, Salt

Start with the farce. Put the ingredients in a mixer and reduce to a fine porridge. The mixer should not be allowed to heat up, as that could cause the egg whites to bind. So take the occasional break.

Then blanch the spinach in salted water and let excess water drain off. Carefully lay out on a kitchen cloth and press. Spread the parsley farce on the spinach thinly. The cut the spinach with a sharp knife into squares measuring fifteen by fifteen centimetres. Cut the venison into two centimetre thin slices, place on the spinach and close the parcel. Take care to cover the meat completely and make sure there are no holes in the spinach. Then place the wrapped meat in a bamboo steamer and cook for 11 minutes.

The Red Butter is started before the meat is steamed. Reduce the red wine and port for about fifteen minutes. Allow to cool slightly, stir in the ice cold butter and season. The sauce is ready when it falls off a spoon without drops forming.

Cook the mushrooms with butter and onions. Top up with cream and season. Allow the mushrooms to drain in a sieve. Whip the cream sauce.

Place the mushrooms on a plate. Cut the filet pieces in half and lay on the plate. The decorate with the whipped cream sauce and the red butter.

To accompany the meal, Dietmar Dorner recommends the wine he used in cooking. A Cuvée from the Burgenland region of Cabernet-Sauvignon, Blaufränkisch and Zwiegelt by Gerhard Wohlmut from 2002.

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