Statistics with bite | Greece | DW | 25.04.2013
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Statistics with bite

National debt, youth unemployment - the economic crisis has drastically worsened the situation in many countries. There are lots of statistics on the issue, but here we consider them from a different perspective.

The Greeks have been particularly hard hit by the crisis. Increasing numbers of people can no longer afford to own a car. While in 2008 over 450,000 registered a new car, in 2011 that figure was down by two-thirds.

In order to secure aid from the Troika, Greece is having to save. Government measures include mass redundancies, tax hikes and cuts to social welfare. As a result, the economy is on its knees. Over half of all 15-to-24-year-olds in Greece are unemployed - a disastrous new record in the EU.

Greece is the most debt ridden country in the eurozone. According to the terms of the Maastricht Treaty, a national debt of up to 60 percent is permissible. In 2012, Greek national debt was three times that and will probably rise again in 2013.