Standoff in Dallas, Texas, after gunfire at police HQ | News | DW | 13.06.2015
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Standoff in Dallas, Texas, after gunfire at police HQ

Gunshots have been fired from an armored vehicle at a police headquarters in the US city of Dallas. Officers are negotiating with a suspect after explosives were also found at the station.

Witnesses of the incident, which began around 12:30 a.m. local time (0530 UTC) on Saturday, reported that up to four people carried out the attack. No police officers were injured in the attack, despite extensive damage to the windows at the headquarters.

Police Chief David Brown told reporters that at least one of the suspects fled the scene in the armored vehicle, before they were corned by officers in the nearby suburb of Hutchins - around 14km (9 miles) from the police station. Negotiations with the suspect are still ongoing.

The suspect, who gave his name to police, is affiliated with three different family violence cases - if he is who he claims to be.

But "we have yet to confirm this is who we are actually negotiating with," Brown cautioned.

Texas police department also confirmed on Saturday that four bags were found around the police headquarters - one of which contained explosives. Officials later posted images of the damage on Twitter, after one of the bags exploded when a police robot attempted to move it.

The motive behind Saturday's attack remains unknown.

ksb/rc (Reuters, AP)

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