Stabbing rampage in Lyon leaves 19-year-old dead | News | DW | 31.08.2019
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Stabbing rampage in Lyon leaves 19-year-old dead

A man used a knife and a skewer to attack several people at a Lyon bus stop before being overpowered by passersby. Far-right politician Marine Le Pen said the attack resulted from a naive migration policy.

At least one person was killed and eight more wounded by a man wielding a knife and a kitchen skewer in a Lyon suburb on Friday.

"There was a man at the [bus stop] who started striking out with a knife in all directions," a young girl who witnessed the attack told the AFP news agency.

"He managed to hit, to cut open one person's stomach," she added. "He stabbed a guy in the head. He cut the ear of a lady and the lady was dying at the bus stop and no one came to help."

Eventually, the girl managed to get the injured woman onto a bus, which drove away from the scene.

"There was blood everywhere," the eyewitness said.

The attacker then tried to flee toward a nearby subway station, but he was stopped by subway security and people at the scene. Police later announced that the suspect was in custody.

Three people remained in critical condition after the attack. Another 20 were treated for shock at the scene.

The bus stop in Villeurbanne (picture-alliance/dpa/MAXPPP)

The attack took place at a transit stop in Lyon's suburb of Villeurbanne

'Naivete and laxity'

Police sources described the suspect as a 33-year-old Afghan asylum-seeker, but said the motive for the rampage was not immediately clear. It was also unclear if he knew the 19-year-old who had been killed.

The reports on the suspect's nationality prompted a reaction from Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Rally party, who slammed the "naivete and laxity of our migration policy," saying it posed a serious security threat.

A regional association of mosques slammed the attack and the "deadly madness that inhabits those who try to sow hatred and violence."

Friday's stabbing comes three months after a radicalized Algerian man planted a parcel bomb in a Lyon shopping street, injuring 14 people.

dj/sms (AFP, dpa, AP, Reuters)

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