Spain: Imam under investigation | European Journal | DW | 08.06.2012
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European Journal

Spain: Imam under investigation

An imam in the city of Terrassa near Barcelona is under investigation for inciting violence against women. The prosecutor is basing the accusation on a recording of one of the imam’s Friday sermons.

Muslims pray in the new mosque that opened in Granada in southern Spain Thursday July 10, 2003. The new 4 million euro (US$4.5 million) Grand Mosque of Granada, the first to be built in Granada in more than 500 years, opened Thursday for prayer, crowning a fitful and emotionally charged project that began in 1981. According to government figures, there are about 500,000 muslims in Spain out of a population of 40 million. An estimated 10,000 are non-immigrant Spaniards who converted to Islam. (AP Photo/Paraday)

Will have to clarify their image of women: Muslims in Spain

Haupteingang zm Moncloa Palast in Madrid, dem offiziellen Sitz des spanischen Ministerpräsidenten. PALACIO DE LA MONCLOA : Madrid 16-6-03 .- Fachada y entrada principal del Palacio de la Moncloa, en Madrid.EFE/M.H. de León/pm pixel

Moncloa Palace in Madrid

In the sermon, the imam is said to have instructed his faithful on how to hit errant women without leaving a mark. The imam, who is originally from Morocco, is denying the charges, and is also being defended by his congregation. The mosque in Terrassa is among the largest and most influential in Catalonia. The case is also being followed by non-Muslims, in a country where violence against women is widespread.