Snapshot - The landscape architect | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 08.06.2010
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Snapshot - The landscape architect

We asked Johanna Spalink-Sievers to answer a set of questions about her favorite food, pastimes and routines.

Johanna Spalink-Sievers

Name: Johanna Spalink-Sievers

Age: 56

Place of Birth: Oldenburg, Lower Saxony

Marital status: married

Children: four

Job: landscape architect

Education: high school diploma / master's degree in landscape architecture

How do I begin my day?
My husband and I have a cup of tea in bed and read the newspaper. Then we have a quiet breakfast with our son. If I have time, I like to go for a walk with my husband before work.

What's typically German?
Punctuality, reliability, orderliness, but also a certain lack of humor

Do I have any typical character traits?
I try to go through life with my head held high and stay true to myself. I love my family and my job, and I like to laugh and I like to laugh loudly.

My biggest strength:
To take my fate into my own hands.

My biggest weakness:
I'm too kindhearted for this world.

What do I like to do in my free time?
I like to be at home, rearranging the furniture and rooms. I like to cook, to take photographs, to go for walks, to ride my bike, to go swimming, to read, to write emails or letters, to sing in my choir, to take care of our little garden and my potted plants and to meet up my friends and neighbors.

What is my favorite recipe?
German wedding soup

What kind of music do I listen to?
Gianmaria Testa, Barbra Streisand, Norah Jones and Bach and other classical music

What do I wish I had more time for?
For everything, especially my husband, my grandchildren and for traveling. And I would love to learn to paint with watercolors. And I also wish I had more time for reading.

When I think of the future…?
I worry a little that something could happen to someone in my family. Otherwise I am naturally an optimistic person.

My philosophy is:

"Life is beautiful but expensive. You can get it cheaper, but it won't be as nice." (It's a bit decadent, but I adopted it from my mother which I think makes it ok. 2. "You have to reach for the stars. They won't come down here by themselves." That's not just my motto, that's really how's it's been in my life.

Author: Holly Fox
Editor: Rina Goldenberg

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