Slovenia awaits election results | News | DW | 11.11.2012
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Slovenia awaits election results

Slovenians have cast their votes for president. Although the incumbent is predicted to secure the most ballots, experts forecast that it will not be enough to prevent a runoff.

epa03463145 A woman walks past Danilo Tuerk and Borut Pahor campaign posters in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 08 November 2012. The country will hold Presidential elections on 11 November. Tuerk, the incumbent president, is seeking re-election for the second term as an independent candidate. Former Prime Minister Pahor is running for president with the support from Social Democrats and the Civic List, a Conservative Liberal party in the Slovenian center-right government coalition. EPA/STR +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

Slowenien Präsidentschaftswahlen

In Sunday's vote, the independent Danilo Türk faced competition from the ruling party and the opposition Social Democratic Borut Pahor, who is also an ex-premier. Türk is the favorite to win the greatest proportion of votes.

Pahor had narrowed the gap according to the latest polls, however, and experts predict a runoff on December 2.

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Election in Slovenia

Milan Zver, a member of European Parliament and the preferred candidate of Slovenia's prime minister, also stood for election. He has only a marginal chance of qualifying for the second round.

Poll stations closed at 7 p.m. (1800 GMT). About 1.6 million people were eligible to vote.

mz/sej (AFP, dpa)

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