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Slovak PM Fico released from hospital after shooting

May 31, 2024

Robert Fico was shot with four bullets in an assassination attempt in mid-May. Slovakian media has reported that the prime minister was flown out of the hospital to continue recovery at his home in Bratislava.

Fico speaks at a campaign rally in September 2023
Fico wanted to receive further medical care at his Bratislava apartmentImage: Radovan Stoklasa/REUTERS

After an assassination attempt put Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico in hospital for over two weeks, the 59-year-old politician is now continuing his recovery at home.

The head of the clinic in Slovakia's Banska Bystrica, Miriam Lapunikova, confirmed on Friday morning that Fico had been released.

"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank him for being a disciplined patient," Lapunikova said, according to a post published by the hospital on social media.

Lapunikova previously said Fico expressed wishes to receive nursing care at home.

Police were deployed in front of Fico's apartment in Bratislava, Slovakian national broadcaster RTVS reported.

What do we know about the assassination attempt?

A 71-year-old gunman shot Fico with four bullets at close range on May 15. The attacker, Juraj C., was immediately detained and charged with attempted murder. 

According to a report cited by the DPA news agency, the attacker disagreed with the policies implemented by the populist prime minister on the EU and his halting of the military aid to Ukraine. The shooter also claimed his goal was to incapacitate Fico rather than kill him.

Slovak PM Fico severely injured after being shot

Initially, the Slovak government said the attacker was acting alone, but the country's Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok later said investigators were considering the possibility of the gunman having allies who encouraged him to attack Fico.

What's Fico's health condition?

Fico was rushed to the hospital and underwent multiple surgeries, with doctors eventually saying his condition was no longer life-threatening.

On Wednesday, government representatives said he was able to eat again. It is not yet clear when Fico would return to duty.

The shooting of Fico is the first assassination attempt targeting a European leader since 2003, when Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic was shot and killed in Belgrade.

dj/ab (dpa, Reuters, AFP)