Sina Trinkwalder, Social Entrepreneur | Talking Germany | DW | 15.10.2012
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Talking Germany

Sina Trinkwalder, Social Entrepreneur

Sina Trinkwalder sets new standards. At her textile company in Augsburg, "Manomama," she employs people that have slim chances on the job market.

The elderly, single parents, former temporary workers and Hartz IV recipients work for the 34-year-old. For her employment policies, she's received the "Social Entrepreneur 2011” award.

Sina Trinkwalder uses only organic fabrics and relies mainly on locally-produced textiles for her Manomama clothing brand. When she set out to found her company two years ago, though, she faced an uphill battle. Manomama didn't receive any assistance from state-sponsored business development programs, and no bank was willing to give her a loan. Today Manomama employs about 90 people. Even though the German textile industry has long been in decline, Manomama is starting to build up a solid customer base. For Sina Trinkwalder, business isn’t just about profits – it is also about creating a better world.

Talking Germany'shost Peter Craven talks with Sina Trinkwalder about social responsibility, green energy, and marionette theater.

Features on these issues provide subjects for discussion and enhance the conversation on Talking Germany. Peter Craven and Sina Trinkwalder speak about the importance of paying a living wage, the conflict between environmental protection and Germany’s planned nuclear exit, and the fabled Augsburger Puppenkiste marionette theater.

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