Sheep’s cheese dumplings, Slovakia | 50 kitchens, one city - 50 recipes, 50 restaurants, 50 nations | 50 kitchens, one city | DW | 24.05.2017
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A culinary world tour through Berlin

Sheep’s cheese dumplings, Slovakia

Silvia Pintérová and Vanda Molnár opened their restaurant platz doch! in Berlin in 2014. The name is an invitation to get to know Slovakian cuisine. The national dish, sheep's cheese dumplings, is their specialty.

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Slovakian gregariousness times two: Silvia Pintérová and Vanda Molnár

Vanda Molnár's path in life was clear from the outset. Her grandmother was an excellent cook and she lived in Berlin until a love story brought her to Slovakia so many years ago.

Silvia Pintérová and Vanda Molnár (Photo: Lena Ganssmann)

Silvia Pintérová and Vanda Molnár

It was there, in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, that Vanda Molnár was born. In 2000, she followed in the footsteps of her grandmother, traveling to Berlin and bringing her passion for good food with her. She and Silvia Pintérová - who is also from Bratislava - have run their restaurant, platz doch!, since 2014. The two offer a three-course meal that changes weekly and is prepared according to traditional recipes from Central and Eastern Europe.

The platz doch! in Berlin's Kreuzberg district

The restaurant is designed to serve as a meeting place, hence it is also called a "cooking club": the owners themselves accompany their guests throughout the evening, regaling them with stories about the wine, the food, and their homes in Slovakia.


Bryndzové halušky - Sheep's cheese dumplings

Serves 4


  • 1200 g floury potatoes
  • 400 g all purpose flour (more if needed) 
  • 300 g smoked bacon
  • 500 g bryndza (salted sheep's cheese)
  • Splash of red wine to deglaze
  • Salt
  • Oil


Peel potatoes and grate finely, then add flour. Dough should be sticky. Add salt to taste. Bring water to a boil in a large pot. Press dough through a dumpling sieve, directly into the boiling water. When the halušky begin to float, they are cooked through.

In the meantime, cube bacon and fry in a pan with hot oil. Deglaze with red wine. Alternatively, if you do not prefer to add bacon to the dish, simply fry the uncut bacon in the pan and remove it afterwards. This will add bacon flavor without the meat. Add halušky to the pan and stir in bryndza. Add salt to taste.


Restaurant platz doch!
Manteuffelstrasse 48
10999 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 69567866

platz doch! website

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