Shabab Talk at the GMF 2017 | Global Media Forum | DW | 19.06.2017
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Global Media Forum

Shabab Talk at the GMF 2017

Jaafar Abdul-Karim: "Does the Arab world need a women‘s rights revolution?”

Shababtalk is a youth oriented talk show, produced by Deutsche Welle. Reaching millions of viewers across the Middle East, the interactive, innovative talk show critically confronts socially charged topics, such as politics, religion, human rights and sexuality. In 2015, Shababtalk launched its tour of the region, visiting Baghdad, Tunis, Rabat, Cairo and Beirut. The tour continued in 2016 and 2017 with episodes produced in Amman, Doha, Sulaymanyah and Beirut; and now at the Global Media Forum. Join the production of the three-time winner of the Arab State Broadcasting Union's "Best Arabic Talk Show” -  live and in action.  

Check out the video here: 

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Shabab Talk

And join the discussion with Jaafar Abdul-Karim on Tuesday, June 20, at 2:30 p.m.



Esraa Saleh - Women’s rights activist, founding member of performance group “Bnt AlMasarwa”, Egypt

Manal Rostom - Marathoner and trained pharmacist, Egypt

Aisha Al Shami - Architect and Islamic activist, Syria 

Hend Al Eryani - Journalist, writer and weekly radio blogger at Radio Monte Carlo, Yemen

Ashraf Hassan - Imam and Islamic scholar, Egypt


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