Seven sayings that DW′s trainees learn quickly | Traineeship | DW | 18.01.2017
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Seven sayings that DW's trainees learn quickly

It takes years of experience to become a good journalist and the DW Traineeship gives you the tools you need to start. But here are already some quick rules of thumb useful for beginners and seasoned professionals.


Keep it short and simple. This was true for analog and is still true for digital journalism.

Kill your darlings

William Faulkner said, "in writing, you must kill your darlings." And when a report can only be 90 seconds long, some things need to be let go – even parts that you have fallen in love with.

Show don’t tell

Don't just talk about something. If you show me instead I will be probably pay attention next time as well.

Do what you do best, link to the rest

So much has already been said about almost every important issue – so you should concentrate on one thing that you can do best.

One thought per sentence

To apply the KISS principle, keep your sentences simple.


Maintain your audience's attention with SLAT moments: "Shit, look at that!"

Digital Change

This means going from documents to dialogue, product to process, content to context and from a factory to a network.

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